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How to Get the Cheapest Flights to Europe!


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When I see a really great deal, I have a habit of obsessing over it a little bit, especially if it’s travel-related. My boyfriend and I are going to Switzerland and Vienna in May for $1,000 each! I obsess about it (and all the other places I want to go) everday. Today, I almost bought flights to Norway for later in the year because I found what I believe is an amazing deal. A little rooting around has shown me a major hack that I think very few people have realized.

Some people may have seen this from WowAir pop up from time to time.

This is a screenshot of the fares WowAir was offering on 1/11/2017. Amazing prices.

I immediately began searching through all of their deals, and realized that the deals are one-way, though you can still purchase inexpensive return flights.

I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up looking up flights to Norway. Norway is an amazingly beautiful place that I’m sure is worth the visit! But regardless, here’s where it gets interesting.

I found that direct, round trip flights to Norway were varying prices depending on which version of I was on. Sounds strange? Let me show you: (America’s version):

Flights for 2. (England’s version)

The same flight for 2. (Norway’s version)

The same flight for 2 from Norway’s website.


See how every price is different for the exact same flight? They are all for Flight DY7142 & DY7141.

Let’s figure out the cost through exchange rates:

US Website: $603
UK Website: 487 GBP(Pounds) = $597 USD
Norway Website: 4,238 NOK(Krone) = $497 USD

If I just toggled “Google Translate” so that I could read the foreign language, I would save myself $106 just by booking through as opposed to

It’s not only like this for Norwegian Air. Every website I tried does the same thing, though in some cases it was in my favor to use the U.S. version.

WowAir, for example. The same flight from Boston -> Reykjavik was $429 on the US website. On the UK website, it was 356 GBP.  $436 in translation – so in this case I would actually save money by booking through the US website.

Diligence and creativity will reward the thrifty traveler, so always check this little loophole. Also, if you are purchasing tickets through a foreign website, make sure that you are using a credit card that will not charge you a transaction fee so that you don’t cut into your money saved.

Have you done something like this? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know how it worked out for you!



  1. Elizabeth

    These are some really great tips!!! I’m really excited and now feel like I can afford travelling to Europe.

    14 . Jan . 2017
    • Sparkly

      Great! I’m so glad you found it useful! Best of luck to you! There are so many great deals out there!

      15 . Jan . 2017

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