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Progress Report: January 16th, 2017


About halfway through every month, I’m going to review my goals and progress in terms of finance & health. I believe that reviewing your progress every once in a while will get you motivated and ultimately help to keep you on track. As you may know by now, I track everything through Excel spreadsheets. This wouldn’t work for everyone, but I like to micro-manage my finances and see the entire year at once.

So let’s review goals:

1. Stay Within Budget (Keep Spending <$1,292)

This month, my take-home should be about $1,292 AFTER I’ve paid all of my bills. I have one less bill this month), so this goal should be easy to hit. It would have been easier if I didn’t go out to eat twice last week (total of $82.50). But other than that, I really have not spent too frivolously.

Gas – $73.00 (Eek!)
Food & Household – $62.00
Beer/Wine – $49.00
Restaurants & Dunkin Donuts – $82.50
Dog – $20.00
Other Miscellaneous – $131.00 (This was what I paid for my blog)

All in all, I’m half-way through the month and not half-way through my budget. This is fantastic.

Credit-Card/Healthcare Debt-Free by May 1st

I started January with about $1,800 in total credit card and medical bills. As of today, the 16th, I owe $1,250 total.

I paid off over $500 just this month alone, and I’ve only been paid once!

Nailed it!

$1,000 in my Travel Savings Account by May 1st


I’m going to Switzerland and Austria for 1 week in May, which is why many of my goals are for May 1st. I would be happy to go overseas with $1,000 at the ready set aside specifically for this trip.

I am currently at $327.00, and will add another $150 or so when I receive my mileage check from work this week.

Complete the 1 Week of Clean Eating for $30


If I can eat for only $30 per week leading up to my trip, I will have well over $1,000 saved. I’m doing this challenge, and am on Day 2 of it. It’s going well so far, but last night I forgot to make the brown rice so I fear I might have used up too much chicken and broccoli in the ratios. Never fear!

We really hate the chicken that we bought that is pre-marinated, so it is going to be tough to force that into my mouth for the next week.

135 pounds OR a Size 6 (American Eagle Jeans) by May 1st


Sometimes people give me flack for wanting to lose weight. They say I don’t need to. These are the same people that don’t need to lose weight either, and yet they’re always trying to. I have lost about 22 pounds in two years, and currently none of my clothes are fitting well. I’m currently too big for a size 6 but a size 8 is too loose.

For my trip I want to look fabulous, and wouldn’t mind buying a new pair of pants or two that will hopefully fit by then.

This morning, I weighed in at exactly 138, which I am more than happy with after going to 4 restaurants last week! Even if I’m still a size 8 by the time I go, if I weigh 135 then I won’t feel so guilty about racking on 3 pounds worth of cheese, chocolate and wine.

Going forward, I’m going to continue to eat clean, and really build up my time on the Stairmaster (my favorite, seriously!).

What are your goals and how close are you to achieving them? Do you have similar goals to me? Do you take the time to review how far you’ve come?