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4 Money-Making Apps I Tried Last Month


Every month or so I am going to be aiming at trying new money-saving, money-managing or money-making apps. I will let you know how much money these apps have made me, as well as give you a brief review of each app. Subscribe to my blog to keep in the loop of the newest thrifty apps and resources available to you!


I started using Pact: January 18th, 2017

How much money it made me: $0.54

Pact is an app for the fitness-minded – it will pay you to work out at the gym, to eat your veggies and to log your food. You don’t have to do all three – so don’t panic! It’s actually easy!

First, let me backtrack a little bit. When you download Pact, you have to put in your credit card information. The app will charge you a certain amount (minimum of $5) for every missed gym visit, vegetable or food-logging day. You set your own goals in each of these areas. For example, my goal was to go to the gym 3 times per week and eat my vegetables at least 4 times per week. I do both of these thing more often than that, but for the sake of trying the app, I figured I would start slow. When I got to the gym, I had to open up the Pact app and “start” my workout where it verified my location.

Wish the eye-candy at the gym was this cute!

I completed my three days out of seven, and was rewarded $0.54. Not much, I know – but over the course of the year that’s $28. If you do the other challenges, you will get more as well. You can pause the pacts as well if, for example, you get sick. You can also schedule a break if you’re going on vacation and whatnot.

Unfortunately, at the time I started using this app, I was unable to complete the vegetable pact I set for myself. There was a bug in the system and I need to wait for an update to fix this. However, Pact really blew me away with their customer service. They paused the pact for me immediately and explained what the issue was.

Am I going to stick with it? Heck yes.

Spare 5

I started using Spare 5: About Mid-January, 2017

How much money it made me: $0.14

Spare 5 is an interesting app. You earn money through tasks that you must first qualify for. I will be totally honest – I’m not super familiar yet with it.

You have to earn qualifications to be able to complete several tasks. For example, I took a “fashionista” test – which judged my knowledge in fashion. They aren’t too easy, either – I actually failed it the first time, but have since passed it. I still only have “qualifying” tasks available, so it’s hard to tell you if this app is worth the time yet. I will continue to try this app and let you know how it is working for me.

Surveys on the Go

I started using SotG: Mid-January, 2017

How much money it made me: $3.25

Surveys on the go is exactly what it sounds like; surveys. I’ve had a bad experience with survey sites so I was reluctant to try this app. It’s worked out well for me so far. The surveys are easy and generally quick. You earn about $0.50 for each survey completed, based on my experience so far.

Most of these apps take so little time!

The only issue I’ve had with this app is that there don’t seem to be too many available surveys to complete. I try to check it every few days and typically have been coming up blank. However, I think $3 for using an app for only two weeks is great, especially considering the amount of work that usually goes into using survey sites.


I started using Ibotta: Years ago

How much money it made me: $8.00 (this month)

I listed Ibotta last because chances are, you’ve already heard of it. You validate receipts and barcodes of items purchased in the store with this app, and get cash back for some things. I’ve gotten about $50 total because I’m very lazy when it comes to using this app. I use it mostly on Michelob Ultra, as I will get $2 back every time I purchase this.

Cash earned from Ibotta can be redeemed for gift cards or through Paypal. The hardest part about using this app is remembering to use it. It does pay off, though, especially if you’re trying to cut down on your groceries or household items.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these apps? Thinking of trying one of them? Let me know below!