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Progress Report: February 16th, 2017



So it’s mid-month again, which means it is time for me to review my goals and progress in terms of finance, health and this blog. I believe in the importance of reviewing your finance in order to keep you motivated and on track. As you may know by now, I track all of my spending/earning on Excel in order to keep track of my finance and health. This wouldn’t work for everyone, but if you like to micro-manage, you can download a free Excel template here.

January Goal Re-Cap

  1. Stay Within Budget (Keep Spending <$1,292)

    In January, I spent a total of $880 after my bills. See how I spent it:
    Gas – $95.00
    Food & Household – $149.00
    Beer/Wine – $99.00
    Restaurant – $185.00
    Dog Stuff – $50.00
    Clothes – $25.00
    Beauty & Toiletries – $18.00
    Entertainment – $85.00
    Other – $174.00

    Total – $880.

    Okay, so technically I reached my goal. I’m still not entirely pleased with my spending from last month. I did, however, save $447.00 – which is going straight towards my next goal!

  2. Be Credit-Card/Healthcare Debt Free by May 1st

    Ah, to be credit debt-free! That would feel amazing. In January I actually opened up a new credit-card (Bank of America Travel Rewards) due to the fantastic rewards and reviews. I then immediately booked my next trip that we had agreed on and put it on that card. Because we’re not sure how many people will be joining us (and therefore chipping in), I’m not going to count this debt quite yet. When I get back from my Switzerland Trip, I hope to have the final count and will start tracking this as credit-card debt. There is also no interest for 1 year, though I will be paying it down regardless.

    So not including the new card, I brought my debt down to $300 as of February 16th. You guys, this means I paid $1,500 in credit-card debt and medical bills since January 1st. How did I do this? Well, my entire tax return went to this (about $800). The $447 I saved last month also went straight to this.

  3. $1,000 in Travel Savings by May 1st

    I typically only make one deposit in this account per month, and it is my mileage check. January’s check brought it to about $470, and February’s check will bring it to about $630 or so. I’m on track to having an extra $1,000 in my pockets for my trip to Switzerland & Austria in May.

  4. Complete 1 Week of Clean Eating for $30

    So I have a “challenge” for you all, if you are interested in spending only $30 in groceries and eating clean for an entire week. I attempted this, but messed up right from the get-goand made some choices that really compromised my success. I skipped meals, I bought terrible chicken (that we didn’t want to eat) and I forgot to make the brown rice for the first few meals so we ate more chicken/vegetables.

    So did I achieve my goal? Kind of. I followed the clean-eating plan about 80%. I will try again this month upcoming, let me know in the comments below if you will too!

  5. 135 Pounds OR a Size 6 (American Eagle Jeans) by May 1st

    I’ve lost over 20 pounds in about two years thanks to a diet change and more recently exercise. At the beginning of January I weighed between 138-139 pounds, and this past Monday I weighed 137 pounds. Obviously, weight will fluctuate, so I try not to get stuck on the numbers too much. The clothes I have currently do not fit correctly, which warrants wanting to be able to buy a couple new pairs of pants for my trip.


    Looking forward, I’m going to be focusing on my blogging goals as well as the goals listed above.



So my goals for February were to have:

  • 250 Pinterest Followers: (currently 213)
  • Total Views: 1,776 (currently 1,010)
  • 10 Facebook Followers: (currently 15)
  • 10 Blog Subscribers: (currently 5)
  • Money Made: (just tracking not setting a goal) $0.15

Almost there with two weeks left in the month!

What are your goals that you’re actively trying to achieve? Do you need motivation or are you going strong? Let me know in the comments below!