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5 Things You Might Be Overpaying For at Sephora




I consider beauty products one of my vices. It’s one of those things that I can always manage to find money for even during my most stringent savings-streaks. It doesn’t help that beauty products are expensive.┬áNever fear! There are other ways to save your money so you can still splurge at Sephora.

For instance, sometimes you are better off buying the travel-size of an item. I’ve calculated several items by price-per-ounce, and have composed a safe list at the bottom of this post. But first; here are some items that are cheaper per ounce in the travel size.

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1 Week in Europe for $1,000


Let me tell you – few things get my heart pumping like travelling. I somehow have been to very few places in my life, but it has been my biggest dream for years to see the world.Now that I am finally in control of my finances, I can start travelling the way I’ve always wanted to. Switzerland is the land of cheese, chocolate and premiere hiking – it is everything I could ever want in a destination.

This explains why I couldn’t pass up cheap tickets to Zurich, Switzerland! Round-trip, nonstop flights from Boston to Zurich for only $450 each?! I must be dreaming.

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What I Learned After Budgeting for One Year

6 Things I learned Tracking for 1 year

I can’t believe that I’ve been tracking every dollar I’ve spent for 1 full year. This was my New Year’s Resolution last year and I did it!

So, let’s take a look at the breakdown of my savings/expenses.

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2017 Goals!


New Year

Well, it’s 2017.

Most people have started their resolutions for this year, some may have already abandoned them. I don’t have a particular resolution – but I do have goals that I hope to achieve by the end of the year. As you can imagine, many of these are financial. Let’s take a quick look:

  • Grow my savings by $1,000. This may not seem like much, but currently I am sitting in some credit card debt with a trip to Europe looming in the next few months. I have to get dental work which will set me back roughly another $1,000, so I am a bit wary of how much I will be able to put away this year.
  • Eliminate my credit card debt.
  • Lose 8 pounds (to be 130lbs). Okay, this is somewhat unrelated in a way.
  • Have a supplemental income (via this blog or a different work-from-home method).

I will periodically give updates on my progress with these goals, as well as provide tips and tricks to any of you who may have similar goals (which, if you’re on this site, you likely do).

So here’s to a new year, and good luck! Tell me below what your resolutions/goals are! Good luck!